Quad clod

POLICE and Cockburn council rangers are hunting for a quad bike rider who’s worrying beachgoers and pedestrians near South Beach.

Council bugle Larissa Boyanich says the rogue biker was spotted at South Beach and on bike paths nearby. “The city has been unable to locate the party concerned and [police] have been notified,” she says. She notes the fine is just $50 but impound fees and other charges could add another $100 or so to the bill.

Regular South Beach user Stephen Bennetts first spotted a quad bike at Dog and CY O’Connor beaches three months ago. “Since then, there seem to be more and more quad bikes coming onto the beach, or else entering from the Rollinson Road car park,” he says.

Ms Boyanich reckons a single offender is simply becoming more brazen.

Mr Bennetts says signs and bollards should go up: “It is a highly inappropriate place for quad bikes as they generate a lot of noise pollution in an area where many people go for quietness and relaxation after work, as well as potentially causing problems with sand erosion.”


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