Call for action on Macrae Rd

10. 27NEWSTwo T-bones in as many weeks. A pet dog skinned to death under a speeding car and cyclists falling like flies on Melville’s notorious “rat run”. Welcome to Macrae Road.

On June 14 a car was T-boned by another car at the corner of Macrae and Simpson, flipping over the victim’s vehicle on the 50kmh road which runs parallel to Canning Highway.

The second incident occurred June 30 when a child and other passengers of a car were T-boned by a car crossing Macrae via Ullapool Road. No-one was seriously hurt.

Melville council’s solution to reducing risk on Macrae Road earlier in the year included painting bright yellow images of cyclists on approaches to roundabouts.

There are no bike lanes along the 1.5km run, a popular rat-run with commuters keen to avoid clogged Canning Highway.

The yellow paint had just dried on the painted riders when days later a cyclist was knocked from his bike at the intersection of Macrae and Ardross.

Council CEO Shayne Silcox says the council is seeking details of the two recent crashes but, “is not in a position to comment until it obtains further information”.

“The city has recently adopted a bike plan, part of which identifies a number of cycling crashes occurring on Macrae Road,” he says. “These incidents are currently being investigated and several options are being reviewed by a working group.”

Former independent state MP Janet Woollard proposed reducing the speed limit to 40kph, a move new Alfred Cove Liberal Dean Nalder says will not work given the speed motorists travel during peak times.

Mr Nalder, who lives near Macrae Road, says the council must be more pro-active.

“I’d like to think we are close to possible solutions,” he says, adding his office is working closely with the council to calm traffic.

“Canning Highway drives this problem and is the responsibility of the state government. Side roads are the responsibility of council.”

Myaree tow truck driver Jeff Deboer told the Herald the road is a well-known hotspot for bingles. Worse, it’s a suburban road used by children walking to and from school.


One response to “Call for action on Macrae Rd

  1. Fellow Cyclists avoid Macrae Road it’s just not safe. You are better off sticking to the roads along the river and joining the bike path from Canning Beach Road. It may take an extra 5 minutes but the level of safety is considerably higher.

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