Thai food done right

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More specifically, “authentic” Thai corresponds to the four main regions of the country; north, north eastern, central and southern but it is also inspired by neighbouring countries and regions such as Burma, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia.

But don’t get confused. It’s not a humble jumble of flavours – in fact, it’s the opposite. Thai food done well is precise as a Swiss watch, with a perfect balance of the flavours –  and is a complexity to delight in.

Thai D’lish on Petra Street in East Fremantle has this precision down
to an art.

Dee, owner and operator, says a good Thai meal requires a great deal of intuition as well as the right ingredients in the right amounts. “To get it right you need to follow your instincts and this takes a great deal of knowledge and practice”.

There’s sour, sweet, salty and bitter – all equally important but not in equal shares. “It takes a very skilled Thai chef to know the exact amounts of sweetness to counteract the sour and the right amount of sourness to the bitterness” Dee continues. “And then of course, it’s the spice – the spice needs to be just right”.

And when all the flavours come together precisely – there’s complete and utter harmony. For instance, exclusive to Thai D’lish is the noodle and mango dish cooked with crushed peanuts. It is topped with a fresh salad including cashews and sliced mango and is a perfect example of this zen-like gustatory harmony. Or the Sri Lankan style devilled (potato or prawn) dish for a spicy palate or Indian style butter chicken, both favourites, represent the neighbouring influences that are so poignant of “authentic” Thai.

Thai D’Lish, with its cosy and comfortable setting, is perfect for dine in or take away. Skip therapy, the “harmony of the flavours” will have you meditating quicker than a zen monk.

Open 7 nights from 5 pm.



Thai D’Lish
Shop 2-3, 93 Petra St, East Fremantle
Phone 9339 0667

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