DullFreo: Cr

04. 9NEWS

• Cr Andrew Sullivan says Freo risks becoming duller than Perth used to be if it keeps knocking over projects that “activate” the port city.

FREO will become WA’s new Dullsville if it rejects moves to “activate” Arthur Head into a music arts hub.

Veteran councillor Andrew Sullivan warns further tinkering of Sunset Events’ proposed bar and concert venue will fail to attract the creative industries council wants at the site.

“Freo is starting to get left behind.”

“The Dullsville tag is just starting to creep into the Freo psyche,” he told council.

“At the same time, the things we need to attract new people to live and work here are actually happening in Perth, Subiaco and everywhere else.

“Freo is starting to get left behind.”

Just before the vote approving a scaled-back version of the $3 million venue, Cr Sullivan returned to the topic of Dullsville: “That word keeps coming back into my head.

“The more and more we chip away at this the more likely that’s exactly what we are going to end up with.”

Cr Sullivan says he’s visited ancient places around the world where sophisticated events are held to showcase culture and the arts.

“Why the hell can’t we do it here in Fremantle? Why the hell do we have this notion we can’t create a landscape environment down there that is robust enough for not just 1500 people but for thousands of people?”

Perth was tagged Dullsville in the late 1990s by an international tourism review.

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