Lights blackout

IT’S Operation Sovereign Broken Lights down Melville way, with an information blackout in force on why a light tower collapsed three weeks ago, just missing an 11-year-old boy.

Perhaps wary of providing helpful information to other lights that may be considering toppling over, the council and manufacturer Musco are both refusing to answer questions about the incident.

Musco Australia project manager Scott Peitz simply hung up before the Herald had a chance to ask a simple question: a career as a future immigration minister clearly beckons.

Melville council refuses to say whether the broken tower had been inspected since its erection in 2001, and whether any of Musco’s 221 other towers across the city had been inspected before that one bit the turf.

It’s also keeping mum on whether it’s alerted other councils to the tower’s sudden decision to hit the ground. The WA local government association wasn’t interested in discussing the matter either.

Melville does say it has ordered an inspection into similar lights throughout the city and that a report into the Len Shearer Reserve failure will be finished in a month.

As to whether the report’s findings will be made public, that’s a whole other story.


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