A finger-lickin’ from Facebook

TALKING about Delicious Fingers on Facebook was enough to get my prim and proper sister-in-law banned for 24 hours.

She’s still wondering what’s wrong with saying she’d had a lovely family lunch at the Marmion Street, Melville eatery.

I’m wondering about the disturbed minds at Facebook that read something else into the name. And you know they still ban photos of breastfeeding mums? Weird.

14. 24FOOD 3

Back to Delicious Fingers, which is a bit of a family fave: mum raves about the chips, which she had with her eggs benedict ($17.50).

When you’re about to turn 88 you can have chips with anything you like, and as it happens mum says the crispy, thick-cut potatoes went very nicely with the perfectly poached eggs, especially when dipped in the delicious hollandaise sauce.

I was pretty impressed the wait staff asked my brother how he wanted the steak cooked for his sandwich ($21). I understand many places simply treat the meat in steak sandwiches little better than leather.

14. 24FOOD 2

His tender meat came medium-rare, as ordered, delicately pink in the centre. The bread it came in struggled to contain the meat, caramelised onion, swiss cheese and tomato. Juices dripping on hands are the signs of a good sanger.

I had the same problem with my exotic Egyptian ($14), the flat bread straining at the seams to hold in the lentil burger and salad.

The patty was constructed from fresh dates, capsicum, almonds, sunflower seeds and green beans. It was as magnificent as it sounds.

D’Angerous Dave opted for the “df fancy fish and chips” ($17.50).

14. 24FOOD 1

The tempura-crumbed snapper was moist, the batter crisp, not oily and the chips particularly fine, he said, stealing some of mums.

Maybe sister-in-law Sal’s problem with Facebook came from what she’d ordered—the irresistible Italian ($14.50).

Irresistible it was too, says Sal, the lean beef burger having a saucy zing, laced with rich Italian flavours of fresh oregano, parsley and rosemary, and served on delicious ciabatta bread. Swoon.

A round of terrific coffees completed a delicious family day out.

Sal’s back on Facebook now, but can’t promise not to mention Delicious Fingers in the future—she’ll keep her fingers crossed she won’t be banned again.

Delicious Fingers
350 Marmion Street, Melville
9330 1945
open Mon–Wed 6.30am–4pm, Thurs–Sat till late, Sun 7am–3pm

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