McGinty warned MPs of danger

FORMER Labor attorney-general Jim McGinty told state parliament in 2006 Edward William Latimer, “poses a significant ongoing danger and threat to the rest of the community”.

At the time the sex predator was serving a gaol term of two years and eight months, having been convicted in the Perth District Court in 2005 for attempted sexual penetration without consent. Details of Latimer’s crimes were released in parliament.

“In broad daylight, Latimer attempted to sodomise a 34-year old Aboriginal male who was asleep in a park in Northbridge,” Mr McGinty said.

“When his victim woke up, two witnesses observed Latimer masturbating as he walked away. During his time in prison, Latimer denied committing the offence and did not participate in any treatment programs.

“Prior to being gaoled in 2005, Latimer had a long list of convictions, including wilful exposure, assault and breach of a violence restraining order.

“In February 1996, Latimer was sentenced to five-and-a-half years gaol for aggravated sexual penetration after a violent assault on a woman at Perth Railway Station.

“Latimer grabbed the 39-year-old woman, who was standing alone near a drink machine, forced her to a space under the escalators, put his hand around her throat and sexually assaulted her.
“Latimer also served two years and three months in gaol for four other indecent assaults committed in 1991.

“Latimer has 11 prior convictions for wilful exposure dating back to 1973 when he was aged 14.”

Mr McGinty said the community deserved to be protected: “That is the reason we brought to this parliament the legislation that is now being enforced with great effect through the courts.”


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