ALDI firm on about-face

ALDI says there’s little it can do about its proposed supermarket in Hilton facing away from South Street (“ALDI cops a Hilton hiding,” Herald, April 25, 2015).

Locals say the design will kill off plans for a community hub in the area, but the international retailer says it’s hampered by a 10-metre wide road reservation set by WA Main Roads to realise its long-term ambition of a six-lane thoroughfare.

In a release to which no-one put their name, ALDI also dashed the hopes of mayor Brad Pettitt that it could be convinced to reinstate local businesses along the South Street frontage.

“We recognise the value that local businesses bring to their community and hope to bolster the retail offering in Hilton,” the release said.

“Our experience on the eastern seaboard has shown that new ALDI stores help to encourage customer growth in retail areas and boost supply opportunities for local manufacturers.”
The best local entrepreneurs can hope from the site is “rewarding career opportunities” with ALDI, which expects to have 15-20 employees working there.

The company says it’s aware of the council’s plans to increase the site’s density but “we are not aware of any formal changes to the zoning of the site”.


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