‘Green’ light for Roe

THE Roe Highway project has been given an official stamp of environmental approval by WA environment minister Albert Jacobs.

The Barnett government says the project—a six-lane highway cutting through the Beeliar wetlands—has a “pro-environment design” that will divert trucks from local roads and reduce accidents.

WA transport minister Bill Marmion says it’ll use “special construction methods for Roe Swamp bridge to minimise impacts to wetlands”.

Degraded areas of Beeliar regional park will be rehabilitated and underpasses built to minimise roadkill.

“This is an appalling decision by the state government,” Cockburn mayor Logan Howlett thundered in a statement.

“Wasting $1.6 billion of taxpayers’ money and trashing our communities will not solve the traffic issues and congestion.”

Willagee state Labor MP Peter Tinley told the Herald Roe 8 is the number one issue his constituents contact him about “by a factor of 10”. Hilton precinct meetings usually get about four people—this week 100 showed up to vent Roe 8 fury. He says it’s “not only economic vandalism, it is proof of environmental vandalism by this government”.

“They want to ignore all the science and drive a black scar through one of the most pristine remnant wetlands of the Perth metro area,” Mr Tinley says.

A protest by the Rethink the Link group will be held Sunday July 5 from 3.30pm at the Wally Hagen basketball stadium on Starling Street in Hamilton Hill.


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