Teez folds

THE wacky, sometimes outlandish and occasionally offensive t-shirt shop Krazy Teez has closed its doors after 30 years in Fremantle.

Owner Anthony Hiscox says his landlord—the Manning family which owns a swathe of properties on Market Street—wanted him to share his store with a money exchange, but he wasn’t interested.

“I don’t think either of us wanted to share the shop: they are two completely opposite businesses,” he says.

“I believe the money exchange is now going to move in and occupy the whole store.”

The Chook understands the landlord was of the impression that sharing the store would help.

Mr Hiscox, who lives in Fremantle, hopes to re-open elsewhere in Freo but says he’s also fielding offers from shopping centres, including the behemoth Carousel in Cannington.

• Krazy Teez owner Anthony Hiscox, just before closing the Freo store. Photo by David Bell

• Krazy Teez owner Anthony Hiscox, just before closing the Freo store. Photo by David Bell

“Closing down was really sad because we have been here for 30 years and embody that quirky Fremantle spirit that everybody loves,” he says.

“Our t-shirts are known over the world and I have served the likes of Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley, Michael Hutchence and Jimmy Barnes.

“I remember Billy Joel bought a t-shirt with a craft beer on it that was being sold in the Sail and Anchor.

“During the America’s Cup we were open to 3am, selling stars and stripes t-shirts.

“There are so many great memories.”

Although sales were slightly down over the past 12 months, he was prepared to sign a new lease.

Mark LaHogue, who opened the Record Finder in High Street the same year as Krazy Teez, says the shop was “unique”. “The t-shirts are a bit out there and outlandish, but then so is Freo, and that’s why people love this town,” he says. “For it to be replaced by a money exchange is a bit depressing. We should be supporting boutique shops that reflect the spirit of this town.”

Krazy Teez runs another larger outlet in Mandurah.


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