Nalder a three-time no-show

DEAN NALDER has cancelled three meetings with Hamilton Hill residents worried about the impacts of the Perth Freight Link.

Maureen Fisher-Sim from the Hamilton Hill Community Group says the group is trying to find information about proposed alternatives routes, but attempts to raise concerns with the minister have “fallen on deaf ears”.

“We know that we should speak to the minister, we’ve tried to speak to the minister, but he doesn’t want to know anything about it,” she told the Herald.

“We would have expected that within three meeting changes, we would have met someone. That’s just not on, you don’t put people off three times, not as a resident group.”

The proposed route would extend along the Roe Highway road reserve in Hamilton Hill then head north as a tunnel starting near Clontarf Hill.

Ms Fisher-Sim says it appears the route will result in a “left and right of our suburb” separated by the freight road.

Group vice-president Kate Jones says the silence generates fear and leads to a “massive void of information filled with Chinese whispers”.

Up to 30 local businesses could be affected, as well as an Aboriginal burial site on Clontarf Hill.

Fremantle Labor MP Simone McGurk says the lack of response demonstrates “arrogance” and “disregard for the communities”.

“This is just basic common sense and frankly, basic common courtesy that you would talk to that community and involve them in the process, let alone hear what they have to say,” she says.

“These projects are going to have a huge impact on the community and there has been no consultation.”

Mr Nalder’s office contradicted the residents’ claim, saying three dates had been offered and they were waiting to hear back from the residents. Main Roads staff had already met with residents and heard their objections.


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