New Sunday market for Bathers Beach?

SUNSET EVENTS wants to open a Sunday food market at Bathers Beach, just weeks after a long-established market was encouraged to move to South Beach.

Georgie Adeane, who’s run the popular Bathers Beach food market for four years says she was “in tears” when she heard the news of Sunset Events muscling in on her old stomping ground.

With her market attracting 5000 foodies a night she maintains the main reason she’s moving to South Beach is to cater for bigger crowds, but concedes complaints from nearby traders about a drop in takings played their part.

“I spent four years building up the markets into a huge success and then I agreed to move, partly because of the traders, and now it looks like Sunset are moving in,” she says.

“I told stall holders on September 27 that we would move, and then on September 29 they were contacted by Sunset to sign up for a new market.

“They were asking stall holders to pay $250 for a pitch.

“People have to remember that before the markets moved in, the area was struggling.”

The Sunday markets proposal was included in Sunset’s application for a two-year permit to use nearby J-Shed for 12 summer concerts.

Fremantle council’s planning committee recommended that Sunset’s Sunday market have a maximum of six stalls, be held in the vicinity of the J Shed, and only be permitted when an event is on. The market will be able to operate from noon to 9pm.

“I think the six-stall provision will suit everyone and is a good compromise,” mayor Brad Pettitt said.

Sunset’s application will be voted on by full council later this month.


10,000 view post

OUR story last week about the Sunday food markets moving to South Beach provoked a strong response, with more than 10,000 views on our Facebook page:

“What a terrible lack of community spirit from Bathers Beach House!! The markets were there before the restaurant and they helped bring that area back to life,” posted Tarrabelle Murphy.

“I recall that when the Mindil Beach Markets first started in Darwin the local Chamber of Commerce came within a whisker of shutting it down forever, claiming that it diminished their Thursday night shopping trade. Look at it now,” posted Snuff Parrot

“I really do like the fact these markets will be at South Beach, it will be fantastic. However I think the harbour restaurant owners are going to regret the move – they will lose direct exposure and access to thousands of customers who have re-discovered Bathers Beach Art Precinct bringing an energy and vibrancy to the area that has been lacking for so long.” posted Yvonne Doherty.

“Sounds brilliant. Love South Fremantle. However, There’s always a BUT…..but what about the huge elephant-in-the -room ..TOILETS?Will the 3 dirty toilets beside the South Freo kiosk be increased, or at least upgraded and improved?.regularly CLEANED.?” posted Sarah Cole

“South Beach is better anyway!!!” posted Yo El Supremo

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