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THERE were no Happy Meals at this McDonald’s party, with about 150 Applecross locals and a couple of pollies turning out for a protest.

The locals are fighting Maccas’ plans to construct a two-storey, 24-hour store at the corner of Reynolds Road and Canning Highway (opposite the BP).

“Given that we are already expecting a minimum extra 2500 extra cars generated from the McDonalds on Reynolds Road, any extra traffic from the cars visiting BP is something that is of great concerns to the local residents especially given the local primary school is located just down the street,” says Sam Langley, who’s been leading the residents’ charge.

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“It’s important for people living near any development to have a say about what happens in their local area,” Alfred Cove MP Dean Nalder said. “In June, I wrote to the development assessment panel to express my concerns with the proposal.”

He wants to be sure the issues raised with him, such as traffic and planning rules, have been adequately considered.

Melville council recommended that the DAP reject the $4.6 million application, and it did. But now the burger giant is appealing the decision of the majority-unelected DAP to the totally unelected state administrative tribunal.

The final SAT hearings took place this week, with the tribunal allowed up to 90 days to make a decision.


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  1. Thank you to the Fremantle Herald for following and sharing our story over the past few months. BP traffic isn’t a problem now. Its only a problem if this McDonalds development goes ahead with a median strip extension which means Reynolds Road will experience significant impacts from both a proposed McDonalds and the existing BP traffic. BP won’t be able to access the site with their trucks either. Lets hope the correct decision is made in the coming months.

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