Storage is Golden

A COUPLE of readers have told us about a mysterious “Centre for the Golden One” that’s taken over storage space in the North Fremantle community hall, the labels recently appearing on many a cupboard there.

“It’s true, the Centre for the Golden One has a huge amount of storage,” one source said, saying the Golden One had “10 times as much storage” as a community group “which has been there forever”.

We hear there’s not a shortage of storage at the hall, but curious about the name we got to Googling. A religious group out of the US that started life with the name “The Miracle of Love,” it was started by a husband and wife team along with a figure called “The Lady”.

According to the religion’s lore, a benevolent being named Gourasana entered founder David Swanson’s body in 1987 as “an incarnation of God manifesting on Earth”. Swanson died in 1995 so the spirit started speaking through his wife Kalindi, who died in 2010.

Now called the Centre for the Golden One, the group says it can help people “access the universal keys to self realisation offered by the mystics and masters throughout the ages”. In older materials, it says it can break people free from the cycle of birth and death and bring them to god in their current lifetimes. The group runs seminars from its homebase in Colorado, as well as in Europe, Latin America, and North Freo.

We weren’t able to get in touch with local leaders, but in November, facilitator Daniel Kaplan ran a one-day, seminar to “open your body, mind, heart and spirit through inner exploration”. It cost $290.

On the brochure Mr Kaplan says he’s “been dedicated to self-realisation and God-realisation for over 40 years”.

Still not sure what they’re storing in that community hall though. Possibly inner peace.


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