Burn-offs planned

COCKBURN council is considering adopting “low intensity prescribed burns” in the wake of the wildfire that razed Yarloop.

The council scored a $50,000 grant to fight bushfires from the federal government this week, and emergency management co-ordinator Michael Emery confirmed to the Herald controlled burns are to be considered.

Cockburn previously rejected the measure as unnecessary because of the extensive network of fire breaks and limestone paths in its nature reserves, and its weed control program.

Mr Emery says the money will also go towards mapping fuel loads.

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“This data is valuable in assessing the build-up of dead vegetation to ensure that actions are prioritised correctly,” he says.

Mr Emery says the council will take weather conditions into account if undergoing burns, and follow up with weed spraying.

“Parts of the funds will be used to establish new firebreaks in some conservation reserves. This is to ensure areas of bush are segregated, minimising the spread of bushfires and improving access for fire crews.”
Mr Emery says the council will also spend $20,000 educating people living in the city’s fire-prone districts.

Two years ago Liberal MLA Joe Francis blamed the council’s failure to burn-off for a blaze in Banjup and Atwell that caused minor damage to a handful of homes.


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