Addicton on stage

The theft of his identity was a sobering experience for Brett Blake, as it forced him to face himself — and he didn’t like who he saw in the mirror.

The theft became national news and Blake (his stage name) was forced to acknowledge his heavy drinking was out of control.

“I woke up after a bender and had all my possessions and cards stolen,” he says.

“All my bank account had been drained.”

With police still looking into the theft the comedian headed to the Edinburgh Fringe festival, a trip that was cut short by a close friend’s drug addiction and suicide attempt.

“I was hiding my emotion with booze and our addictions crumbled at the same time at different places in the world,” Blake says.

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Wizards Piss deals with addiction and depression and the difficulty men have dealing with emotions.

“Men see displaying emotion as a sign of weakness, but it’s a sign of strength,” Blake says.

It may sound bleak, but in true comedic form the dark underbelly of the human psyche is laid bare with cutting, insightful humour.

Wizards Piss was my magical cure…drink cured all my problems,” the Triple J Raw Comedy finalist jokes two months after his last drink.

The 28-year-old has been gaining recognition on the comedy circuit at home and abroad, his The Bartender’s Guide to Idiots selling out at last year’s Perth and Edinburgh Fringe Festivals.

Fittingly Wizards Piss, part of Freo Royale, is on at the High Street watering hole the Buffalo Club, February 4–7. Tix $20 at


18. CY OConnor Institute 15x3 18. Dance Central 10x4 18. Little People Place Cockburn 10x3 18. Little People Place Willagee 10x3 5

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