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11. 6FOOD 2

TAKE a squint at this Pixel. No — eyes away from those tiny dots on your phone screen. Look up as you walk down Leederville’s Oxford Street, just up from the busier end, and there’s the Pixel I’m talking about.

It’s an aptly named little cafe where you can count the number of dining tables on a hand.

One, two, three and four… my table is a communal bench right at the back.

Workmate David Bell is meeting me for brunch. “I think I’m here,” David says on the phone, in uptalk.

He is.

11. 6FOOD 1

There aren’t many visual clues pointing to the good food and coffee within. Most are aromatic.

David’s midday breakfast is a Canadian staple: French toast ($21.90) with banana, raspberry mascarpone and maple bacon.

Maple. Bacon. Take a moment to take that in. Chew, roll your eyes with pleasure, then devour. Wipe drool.

Meanwhile, in the cleaner and greener corner of the menu is my order — the “green bowl” ($14.90).

Blended avocado, kale, spinach, pear, banana and coconut water topped with fruit and granola.

It’s like foam it’s so light. “Lite”, too, but filling.

11. 6FOOD 3

Over two hours we watch countless folk wander in and leave, having satisfied their cravings.

Later, when my thoughts are more like dreams in the fleeting moments before sleep, I imagine the cafe as a 3D digital image.

There are pixels, turquoise and cream, like the decor. Animated pepper cubes bounce before falling on bacon.

All these things I re-imagine as actual pixels are building blocks of a bigger picture.

The bustling eatery is the pride and joy of two locals, Juliana Nobre and Kaya McCarthy, who are “just a couple of Perth girls working on their dreams”.


Pixel Coffee Brewers
2/226 Oxford St, Leederville
Instagram: @pixelcoffee
Open Mon-Sat 7am-3pm,
Sun 8am-3pm

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