LETTERS 30.4.16


Resolve hardened
IT seems that Melville councillor Cameron Schuster has rammed his motion, aimed at moving the Mount Pleasant Bowling Club to Shirley Strickland Oval, through the council (Herald, April 23, 2016).
This is an issue of extreme concern to the myriad users of Strickland and many Ardross/ Mt Pleasant residents. As such it deserves the respect of transparent and inclusive due process so that all arguments can be properly considered.
The tactics of Cr Schuster at the recent council meeting demeans the whole idea of local government as a local democratic process.
Such tactics will only harden the resolve of those opposed to the movement of the club to Strickland to have their arguments heard and ultimately to prevail in the preservation of this valuable open space.
Andy Duckworth
Riseley St, Ardross

Not a baaad idea?
JOHN DOWSON and the committee of the Fremantle Society are to be commended on an extremely well-worded submission to the Fremantle council, which perfectly summed up the meeting last week.
In discussions after the meeting, a local architect who was present (who worked on the boys’ school and Princess May school way back during the first restoration, and appears in the Fighting for Fremantle book) had what could be a brilliant and very practical idea.
The derelict woolstores near Clancy’s would make an “original” new library and council office building combined.
Re-purposing an existing building — especially one so typical and important throughout Fremantle’s history — would be a brilliant use of an existing space, and continue the tradition of Marcus Collins’ reinvention of many buildings in Fremantle for Notre Dame university.
The recent inspirational re-use of the State Treasury buildings and the new Perth Library also show what can be done.
This idea would have many benefits for Fremantle.
A  lower level could incorporate underground parking for councillors and those on council business.
The streetfront on Cantonment Street would allow for information offices, a council welcome space, and local offers to incoming cruise ship passengers.
Kings Square would remain intact, and can be properly restored to a central open space for the people of Fremantle, as it was historically intended.
An eyesore is fixed and restored, councillors and staff get to look out on the harbour and go to Clancy’s or the Australia Hotel for lunch (I’m sure this will appeal to them, and help local business) and the area that is first seen by passengers from cruise ships as they come to Fremantle will be greatly improved.
No existing height limits are altered, and a building is revived and given a whole new use, while still being very central to Fremantle.
This adds further potential to redevelop the Woolstores carpark area to similar height and scale, continuing the industrial heritage idea and making better use of the existing space, while paying due respect to the scale and previous function of the wool store buildings.
What do people think?
Moira McDermont
Quarry St, Fremantle

ONCE again my car is broken into. But now it contains all my unwell mother’s papers that have taken me months to put together. Thank you so much to the fellow who found and collected them and returned them to my door. You’re an absolute lifesaver!
Name supplied
Sewell St, East Fremantle

Merge the clubs
PERHAPS there is validity in saying there are too many bowlling clubs in the City of Melville for the current demand.
Bearing in mind it is a sport that is mainly played by the aged, also bearing in mind the number of participants in this sport can be said to be dwindling, in some clubs.
Melville councillor Cameron Schuster is proposing the Mt Pleasant Bowls Club be relocated to the Shirley Strickland Reserve (Herald, April 23, 2016). This proposal is meeting with some heavy opposition from adjoining residants and ratepayers.
Why not then consider relocating the club to join with the Melville Bowling Club? The council could afford to upgrade the facilities at MBC with some synthetic, covered greens  and with some minor  improvements to the club house. There is spare land at this club for additional greens that is currently not utilised.
Financially the council would still be in front by selling the Mt Pleasant club land. The adjoining ratepayers to the Shirley Strickland Reserve would be appeased. The Melville Bowling Club would inherit more members and its facilities would improve and be upgraded.
Has the council already considered this option?
Karl Kelers
Clydesdale St, Alfred Cove

Mair right…and wrong
KATY MAIR touts the proposed tunnel as a win because, as she states, “we can’t rely solely on rail to solve all … business transport issues” (Herald letters, April 23, 2016).
She is right, but bringing forward the outer harbour will eliminate the truck issue through Melville whereas the freight link tunnel proposal raises several issues.
First, the crucial bottleneck at Stirling bridge has not been addressed — another $500,000 minimum required.
Secondly, there is no mention as to how the tunnel can be built — will it be open cut or a tunnel cut?
Thirdly, any sale of Fremantle port will need to include continued and expansion capacities, much at the cost of residents and the broader community.
Fourthly, transport minister Dean Nalder, in the Weekend West, now touts the PFL as enabling “big benefits for mum and dad” who will be able to share it with all the trucks they hate sharing with on Leach highway.
Fifthly, the road construction industry has taken many months to do a simple intersection upgrade at the South Street/North Lake Road intersection. Imagine how much traffic disruption will occur along the full length of the tunnel and beyond.
Rat-racing alternatives for trucks and cars will be the pastime for many years into the future. Methinks many of us will be underground ourselves by then.
A simpler solution is the outer harbour now, making the PFL redundant and enabling port to Latitude 32 by rail and well beyond, where trucks can then transport to actual destination.
Jim Meckelburg
Davies St, Beaconsfield

Wrong tunnel
THE answer is a tunnel.  But not the freight link tunnel.
I made a proposal to transport minister Nalder on Monday, July 27, 2015 with an outline to my idea for a rail tunnel from the power station decline at Catherine Point under the ocean directly to Rous head.
This would increase the through-put of containerized freight by having lines in and a line out of the port so the freight could move 24 hours a day. It would also alleviate the noise problem for Fremantle residents who are affected.
Of course I got a negative answer and never heard anymore.
Tony Timmins
Bolton Place, Fremantle

Social Services 28x5 BOY

National Hotel 20x7

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