Spiking seconds

THE mass-tyre spiking over the ANZAC Day long weekend was the second long weekend in a row that Fremantle cars were targeted.

A spate of similar attacks, damaging 10 cars along Hampton Road and Lloyd Street, occurred over Easter.

“In our apartment block all had two [tyres] done,” says Hampton Road resident Shannon Martin. His vehicle, parked in a garage, was spared.

South Fremantle residents awoke last Sunday to punctured tyres the length of Chester and Attfield Streets.

On Monday cars were damaged along Solomon, Swanbourne and McCleery Streets.

Police estimate the damage to around 100 cars comes to $20,000.

Tyre shops were doing brisk business Tuesday: “The majority were one or two tyres,” Fremantle Tyrepower staffer Dylan Marinelli says.

“To be honest this is not how you want to gain business.”

He was rushed off his feet going out to cars unable to get to the shop because two tyres had been flattened.

Police forensics are looking for clues.

From first-hand experience — and at the cost of two new tyres — I can report the weapon appears to have been something with a small, sharply spiked end, possible a nail on a stick, or an icepick, but police are refusing to speculate.

Mr Marinelli said all the tyres he’d seen had been punctured on the side wall, which is more vulnerable.

Vehicles in Stevens Street, near the hospital, have been targeted over several months with car windows smashed, Amber Gabrielle says.

“[And on Sunday] night 12 cars had two tyres each punctured.”

Police are appealing for anyone with security camera footage or information to come forward.


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