Boundary push advances

GREATER FREMANTLE has collected the necessary number of signatures to force the WA Local Advisory Board to consider a boundary change with Cockburn.

The group handed the signatures to the board a little more than a week ago, after a couple of months doorknocking the area.

Organiser Adin Lang, who ran for Cockburn council’s west ward at the last elections, said the group collected 325 signatures. It had only needed 250 to launch the review, but he said a combination of enthusiasm for change and a contingency plan in case some were deemed invalid by the board led to the extras.

“North Fremantle was about 99 per cent behind going to Fremantle, while in Hamilton Hill it was about 75 per cent,” Mr Lang told the Herald.

A submission to the board outlined why Greater Fremantle felt the Fremantle border should expand from its current position at the end of South Fremantle and along Jean Street in Beaconsfield, to Phoenix Road.

“The reason people want to join Fremantle is they want to vote in Fremantle, they use the facilities and they want to be able to contribute to them,” Mr Lang said.


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