Composer scores a hit

YOUNG Fremantle composer Mark Holdsworth has added another bow to his list of awards and achievement.

Recently taking out the highest prize for musical education the Rupert Thackray, he’s also been commissioned to write a work for the UWA chorus and wind symphony.

“Almost 100 people will be performing it,” he says.

Holdsworth took out the prestigious Dorothy Ransom award in his final year at UWA, and has a string of successes with his music nationally, including being selected for the WA Symphony Orchestra’s young and emerging artist and writing the score for a movie.

• Mark Holdsworth. Photo by Steve Grant

• Mark Holdsworth. Photo by Steve Grant

Komm du, which roughly means ‘come thee’ is set to be launched as part of a birthday celebration for UWA music school head Alan Lourens and  composer in residence for the WA Symphony Orchestra James Ledger.

Already working on the commission before he heard about the birthday caused Holdsworth a bit consternation.

“It was a bit awkward…because it’s about death.”

The work is based on a poem by Austrian poet Rainer Maria Rilke: “The last he wrote before his death from cancer, and is really dark.”

With the death of a relative from cancer it was a subject close to Holdsworth’s heart, but it’s not doom and gloom but an exploration of the relationship of life and death.

You can hear it at Hale School, Saturday May 21, 7.30. Tix $25 on the UWA website.


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