Maps to lose yourself in

THE Sydney Opera House, Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Moscow’s St Basil’s Cathedral, mini-figures in national costumes from around the world and myriad animals – to enter Sara Drake’s South Fremantle home is to be mesmerised.

A series of “maps” lining her entry hall are a 3D representation of all the continents; the world in micro detail. The more you stand and gaze at them, the more you get sucked in by the obvious joy and love behind their creation.

Furniture designer

Drake had planned to be a furniture designer and signed up for a uni degree, but soon realised it wouldn’t sate her creative bent: “I’d rather be making a one off design than chairs for OfficeWorks,” she says.

• One of Sara Drake’s colourfully stunning 3D maps of Australia.

• One of Sara Drake’s colourfully stunning 3D maps of Australia.

At art college she discovered her brain worked better in 3D than drawing, and she developed a love of colour, patterns and “shining things”, along with a penchant for skip-diving and recycled materials.

The north and south poles on her maps are made from broken windscreens, some swept up off the road following a prang.

Her love of “maps” as art came out of a childhood travelling the world and living in Hong Kong, Japan and several European countries.

“I was always fascinated by maps and travel, and when I couldn’t travel I would draw maps.”

Her artworks are sold internationally; with the US her biggest market.

One of her current commissions is a map of Australia, intended as a birthday present for a homesick Aussie in the UK.

Whales and sharks circle the land and there’s a bloke hanging out washing on a Hills hoist. “And a lady is running the farm,” Drake says.

Drake is throwing open her home at 37 Scott Street, South Fremantle next Saturday and Sunday November 12–13 from 10am–4pm with her own works mixed in with those of mate Trudy Baker.

Fellow artist Olivia Samec is joining the party with a short walk down “philosopher’s lane”, with a quick response app revealing the story behind a series of blue bottle lined up in the land behind the artist’s house.



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