Smashing exhibition

BACKYARD ARTISANS is a collective proving Freo hasn’t lost its creative spark, with nine artists gathering for an exhibition of their craft.

Jackie Johnstone has been collecting odds and sods of broken crockery and “junk” since she was a child.

So it was inevitable she’d teach herself mosaics, something she put to good practice working with Aboriginal women and children during her 25 years in human services.

“An Aboriginal women looked at the broken pieces and said ‘that’s my life’. I said ‘we can make something beautiful from it’,” Johnstone says.

• Jackie Johnstone’s backyard is a mosaic paradise. Photo by Jenny D’Anger

• Jackie Johnstone’s backyard is a mosaic paradise. Photo by Jenny D’Anger

“We had a smashing good session.”

The lush greenery of her South Terrace home is a festival of colour with mosaiced pots, framed mirrors and sculptures in every nook and cranny.

And come Sunday, November 27, you won’t be able to move for a collection of painting, jewellery, textiles, handcrafted timber pieces and pottery from a variety of local artists.

Setting a soothing scene there’ll be live music from Jacky’s son, singer/songwriter Josh Johnstone, whose album Call in Whispers was chosen to play on ABC throughout May this year.

Backyard Artisans is on from 1 – 5pm, at 362 South Terrace, South Fremantle.



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