Breeze hopes to have a bash

FREMANTLE BREEZE: The name of a proposed local cricket team for the Big Bash League announced this week is already generating a storm.

Some like it, some think it sounds like an air freshener, and others thought it could be a brand of tampon.

“I think the name’s great, as the sea breeze is synonymous with Fremantle,” says David Lambasa, a member of the Fremantle-based consortium behind the proposed Twenty20 team.

“There’s certain regulations around sponsorship and promotion. For instance, you’re not allowed to use animals in the name of you team; but I love what we’ve chosen.”

The Breeze will apply for a T20 license, despite no formal announcement from Cricket Australia or BBL that the competition will be expanded.

But Mr Lambasa says an expansion has been mooted for a while and he is hopeful the consortium’s proposal will win over cricket authorities.

• The team behind Fremantle Breeze.

• The team behind Fremantle Breeze.

WA derby

The team would be based at Fremantle Oval, which is to be redeveloped once the Fremantle Dockers move to a new $109 million complex in Cockburn next year, and opens up the tantalising prospect of a new WA derby — Freo Breeze versus the Perth Scorchers.

Fremantle mayor Brad Pettitt says he is excited about the prospect of 20,000 people watching summer cricket in the port city.

“The Freo Breeze is an exciting concept as it would see Fremantle Oval used and activated during summer months,” he says.

“This could be a key element of making Fremantle Oval a great community hub with sports and activities all year round.”

Mr Lambasa say he will engage with local grass-roots clubs and would like to bring back WACA-grade cricket to Fremantle Oval.

“Imagine a Friday or Saturday night game of local short-form WACA cricket in the heart of Fremantle during the summer, complementing the BBL,” says a statement on the Freo Breeze website.

“Let’s bring and showcase our local talent by having them play in the heart of a thriving town and the Breeze will ensure such games and events become an integral part of the Fremantle summer and social scene.”

Mr Lambasa played cricket for the Croatian national team and Cockburn cricket club.

He is the creator of Clever Score, a portable scoreboard for sports event, which he unsuccessfully pitched on Shark Tank in May, and has worked as a design consultant for Freo company ArmaCool.

The rest of the team behind the Freo Breeze proposal are cricketer and pod shaver Sally Bradbury, sports event manager Tina Brullo, lifelong Freo businessman Russell Collett and Pirate 88 radio owner Elicia Petite.


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