When We Limin’ Papa?

Carribean cuisine comes to Fremantle. OPENING 16 DECEMBER ESSEX ST, FREMANTLE

A first for Perth, Papa King’s Liming Spot – a bar and restaurant serving spicy Caribbean food with a St Lucian influence – opens its doors this Friday 16 December. “Lime” is a word used throughout the Caribbean as a synonym for a gathering, or to hang out and can be used in many different ways, such as: “When we limin’?” – When are we going to hang out?


Saint Lucia’s food is a mix of textures and styles characterised by the island nation’s French and Creole cuisine. Fresh local fruits and vegetables, fish and meat are seasoned with herbs and spices giving a flavour that is unique and delicious. The bar will feature a wide range of rums – black, white and spiced – including many direct from St Lucian distillers, Papa King’s has also been able to source some rare bottles of The Forgotten Casks – a highly sought after, limited-edition St Lucian rum that’s in demand worldwide. Local Billabong craft beer is also available on tap, including the award-winning wheat beer and gluten free varieties.


In keeping with the strong community values of the Caribbean, Papa King’s is a place where all are welcome – from young to old. Children will even have the opportunity to play percussion along with the resident DJ during appropriate daylight hours. Reggae, soca, sega and calypso music are the main vibes, except for Sunday afternoons/evenings, when jazz comes to the fore. An outdoor fire pit is a further focal point for relaxed get togethers with friends or family.


The distinctive colour scheme throughout Papa King’s is inspired by the flag of St Lucia –blue represents the sky and the sea, gold stands for sunshine and prosperity, and white and black represents the racial diversity of the island. The two major triangles invoke the twin Pitons rising out of the Eastern Caribbean sea, that are a symbol of the island.

Come liming at Papa King’s with an empty stomach and an open heart, willing to try everything on the menu, and the friendly team will look forward to welcoming you again and again. Located at the old X-Wray Cafe site between Essex and Norfolk Streets.

Papa King’s Liming Spot
4/13 Essex Street, Fremantle
(Formerly X-Wray Café)

Phone 6219 5671
Mobile 0478 665 887

Monday & Wednesday 11.30am – 10.30pm
Thursday & Friday 11.30am – Midnight
Saturday 9.30am – Midnight
Sunday 9.30am – 10.30pm

2 responses to “When We Limin’ Papa?

  1. Called in for a coffee for the first time today, comfortable and relaxing, light and airy. Looked at the menu with a view to going back to eat. Good luck with your new venture.

  2. My boyfriend and I went on Saturday night. It was a nice place, but the music was TOO LOUD and we could not hear our selves talk.

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