Surf’s not up in plan

A CONSERVATION group has released an alternative vision for Tompkins Park as it fights off a proposed surfing facility.

The plan, submitted to Melville council by the Swan Estuary Reserves Action Group, includes a retro cafe/restaurant in the current bowling club building, a nature and adventure playground and improvements to the cycle path.

SERAG reckons this part of Alfred Cove is one of the most important areas of public open space remaining along the river, and a vital habitat for migratory birds which is threatened by the wave park proposal.

“This site needs to be strengthened and protected,” SERAG secretary Catherine O’Neill told the Herald.

• Wave park opponents launch an alternative plan for Tompkins Park. 

• Wave park opponents launch an alternative plan for Tompkins Park.

“Research shows the mental, health, and physical benefits of sites like this. It is extremely short sighted for our elected representatives to be giving it up for commercial interests.”

Ms O’Neill claims four similar proposals were already received by Melville council from various community groups as part of the wave park submissions process, but were treated as comment instead of an alternative proposal because they weren’t a pitch for the ground-lease.

Although they don’t have funds for a ground-lease, SERAG hopes a cafe or restaurant will support their vision and pay the rent.


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