Come to pappa

MY first experience dining at a PappaRich was one of a very long wait, in a very long queue, on a Tuesday night in Northbridge.

I was willing to wait though, because I had been told by a Malaysian friend that PappaRich was the best for a quick Malaysian fix in Perth.

As soon as I was inside I was scoffing my face, and quickly realised my friend was right, and I’ve been craving more Pappa in me ever since.

Hungry punters

PappaRich has recently opened a new restaurant at Cockburn Central, their fourth in WA and only a stone’s throw away from my house in Atwell.

Thankfully the lines aren’t as long yet, but the Friday lunch crowd had the joint packed to the brim with hungry punters slurping spicy curries, sipping broths, and devouring deepfried chicken skins.


PappaRich’s chicken curry laksa ($15.50) is the best and biggest I’ve ever had in Perth.

Its spicy coconut broth isn’t so hot that it knocks your socks off, but it certainly packs a wallop.

The large bowl was packed full of puffy tofu, firm bean sprouts, a heap of Hokkien noodles and a few large hunks of foo choke—I could eat a bucket load of this crunchy beancurd skin every day.

The laksa could have done with an extra handful of chicken pieces, but the other ingredients more than made up for the dish’s lack of chook.

Steamed chicken

I was able to pinch some poultry from Kylie’s steamed chicken rice dish ($15.90), as there was more than enough to share.

It was a simply presented plate of poached chicken breast, that’s both tender and moist, served with a mound of chicken-flavoured rice, fresh bean sprouts and a chilli, ginger soy sauce.

It also comes with a generous bowl of delicious, full-flavoured, salty chicken broth (so in vogue at the moment).

Kylie told me her meal was absolutely divine.

PappaRich’s satay skewers ($15.50 for 6) were a little small per serving, but were chock full of flavour.

They’re marinated in lemongrass and turmeric which give them a mouth-watering aroma.

Dipped into the homemade peanut sauce the chicken and beef skewers are slender fingers of joy that melt in the mouth.

Adventurous palette

PappaRich caters for young ones—or those with a less adventurous palette—too.

My son Ollie was happy to sit there and munch away on his fresh and crunchy chips and nuggets ($8.90), while mum and dad devoured their mains. Bliss.

You’re guaranteed to be satisfied at PappaRich and I’m yet to hear from anyone who’s eaten there and complained.

From an aesthetic point of view though, I’d recommend sitting inside, where you are shielded from the noisy traffic on Armadale Road.


817 Beeliar Drive,
Cockburn Central
9414 9855
Open daily 11am – 9pm

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