Equal pay push

THE GREENS have celebrated International Women’s Day with the re-release of an equal pay policy in Fremantle.

The policy was first introduced by former Greens MP and industrial lawyer Alison Xamon a few years ago, but she lamented it “never got the chance to be debated” in Parliament.

Ms Xamon says the policy will allow the WA Industrial Relations Commission to hear pay equity cases and make enforceable orders.

“Under the Fair Work Act, there is a provision that allows people to bring forward a pay equity case to the commission for hearing and I want to make the same amendment to the WA Industrial Relations Act,” she says.

• Toni Pikos-Sallie, Lynn MacLaren, Dorinda Cox and Alison Xamon at the Bathers Beach picnic for International Women’s Day.  Photo by
Jasmine Kazlauskas

“One of the problems in addressing the gender pay gap in WA is that there are no formal mechanisms within our state legislation to enable us to bring forward such a case.

“This isn’t trying to enshrine anything other than the right to bring a case.”

The Greens’ Jandakot candidate Dorinda Cox says gender equality is especially important in Australia’s political system.

“Having women at the forefront of our agendas and our policies is really important,” she says.

“We need to recognise the work that women do in our families, in our communities and in our workplaces.”

South Metropolitan MLC Lynn MacLaren says; “a woman’s place is everywhere.”

“We are strong women, we are bold for change and we’re asking for your support on March 11.”


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