Eco alliance

SIX local environmental groups have joined forces to maximise their lobbying power and form Friends of Freo.

Spearheaded by greenie Adin Lang, the group aims to “improve the biodiversity and canopy cover in the city of Fremantle,” and will mark its launch by planting 3000 seedlings across the city’s beaches and bushland.

“We’re trying to regenerate and return these areas back to the condition they once were,” Mr Lang says.

• Friends of Freo members at Cantonment Hill. Photo by Steve Grant

“Fremantle has one of the lowest canopy covers of any council area in Perth and only around 30 per cent of trees planted by the council actually survive.

“The biggest challenge that our organisation faces is getting funding for city projects.

“We are hoping that by having so many community groups tied together under this one banner, it will help us be more strategic so we can apply for larger funding grants.”

The Friends of Freo launch will be held at Little Creatures Brewery, April 8, 9.30am-1.00pm.


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