Pro-Roe petition gets 6000

FIRST there was the campaign to stop Roe 8, now there’s a campaign to bring it back.

A petition calling on the new McGowan government to reboot the project went a bit viral this week, with 6000 people signing up.

The petition was the brainchild of South Fremantle resident and upper house candidate Andrew Luobikis (as the Chook went to print he had buckleys of getting in, but the final lever on preference allocations hadn’t yet been pulled by the electoral commission) who said he wanted to test out whether others were feeling the same way about the abandoned project as he was.

“Six thousands signatures in less than a week with no marketing campaign was an amazing reaction from the community which vindicated the pro-Roe position,” Mr Luobikis told the Herald.

“In comparison, and over several years the Greens-led anti-Roe, Rethink the Link group has managed only 10,500 likes on their Facebook page, with many of those just curious for information.

“Living in the bubble here in Fremantle seeing all the hype around Roe 8 and Rethink the Link down this way, but you go a little further out towards Southern River a lot of people don’t give a damn.

“The Labor party are banging on about that being a decider in this election but it’s only relevant in little pockets.”

Mr Luobikis said while campaigning he got lots of comments from punters concerned about traffic congestion as the southern suburbs were infilled with housing.

He says Cockburn councillor Steve Portelli, a staunch supporter of the project, had agreed to present the petition to his council, while Melville mayor Russell Aubrey was also going to table it next month.


16 responses to “Pro-Roe petition gets 6000

  1. Very sad. I was listening to someone at the Dome two weeks Ag dribbling on about how it was so unprogressive to can Roe 8, but I still contend it is the road to nowhere, at huge cost to the environment, homes, and budget.

    • a road to no where is a slur used by the anti roe 8 protesters it clearly goes to stock road thats clearly not no where

      • Hmmm, but that’s a type of nowhere given the hype promoting this expensive short, wide glossy road aimed at commerce. And given the independent projections would just end in a bottleneck, sheer brilliance really.

  2. I think it is sad that there are people out there who think Roe Hwy is a huge cost to the environment when in fact Labor/Green alternative of outer harbour will be catastrophic to the Sound and access roads to it tearing through Thompsons Lake and the Spectacles – but it isn’t about the environment and never was. It is about politics and ideology vs forward planning that most cities wish they’d had.

    • yes – you are correct – it is business and money without which Fremantle Port – and indeed the city of Fremantle, couldn’t survive. It is the business of truck drivers who earn a living by being employed or by being a small business for which they get paid money – hopefully enough to pay for the fuel and maintenance on their vehicles. It is about commuters, students, ambulances, couriers and Mums and Dads getting to and from Fremantle safely and efficiently – that in itself is good business and saves money. It is about completing the ring-roads around the metro area for safe efficient travel for all, on a specifically designed highway that has few controlled intersections. This is good business because it saves money and dramatically reduces pollution from stop-start driving – especially for freight transport. Politics shouldn’t be interfering with infrastructure.

      • Have you checked exactly how much that is worth, per capita it is negligible and the inward traffic of the port can be sourced to any port, employment is minimal, and the value added and incidental trade is also small. There is also an issue around rail and the politics of Canberra being attached to metro chemicals and road addiction, it is a cycle aimed at false employment figures.

      • actually it is none of those things, the existing roads which I use too, as do my extended family and friends, do not need Roe 8 to do those things – this is about an idea that was missed forty years ago and is now redundant. there are other possibilities.

    • off to North Korea or Cuba then Commie. Commerce and Business is what drives and funds our society.

      • hilarious, yes it is the way we have decided to go, but there are many, many models of making and using money in a society, this one is tied to govt and it would be interesting if the inquiry ever gets off the ground as to the nature of this whole debacle.

  3. Agree totally Patricia, sad weak minded fools, mere followers of an ideology pushed onto them by the Greens and various other lefty groups. You only have to look at the people running their idiotic groups and many of them have completed the same pointless Sustainable Development Courses at UWA. The ‘Save the Wetlands’ was just a convienent campaign to help push their agenda and get the gullible local Nimbys on their side. Their followers have been totally brain washed with their b*llshit propaganda. They used the local community groups to help push their political agenda and get the gullible local Nimbys on their side. It was never about the Environment and the majority of Southern Suburbs people now see that, especially once the lefty hype is stripped away & they get the real facts about Roe 8. Unfortunately the road has been postponed slightly, but I look forward to McGowan’s giant back-flip very soon. Thou I look forward to their outrage that it’s going ahead even more… HaHa

  4. Roe8 is only a matter of time.
    Congestion will get worse !
    The locals in time will cry out for Roe 8
    The greens are out of south metro at last, 👏
    Labor will deliver no solutions to traffic issues in the area as time goes on Roe 8 will be the clear solution
    The anti-car crowd will be seen as the minority they are and Roe 8 will be completed
    The demand for Roe 9 will follow.
    Then the real thinkers will develop Roe 10 hopefully in the style I read about a few years ago here in the Herald by some locals with a tunnel into the actual port.
    Rethink the link was just another Greenie anti-car, anti-development mob much like the council of Fremantle.

    Roe 8 is a matter of when, not if.

  5. #not2late4roe8
    Bring on next week, I look forward to the pathetic Nimby Protester complaints… HaHa

  6. Amazing the state of WA is crying out for jobs
    The finances are in a mess according to labor, its seems they had to wait till the took office to realise this, what have they been doing for 8 yrs?
    So with jobs needed now and no money to waste.
    It defies logic that labor would can 100’s of jobs on Roe8 and see fit to throw away 10’s of millions of dollars if not 100’s of millions or $$
    As they seem to have gone quite on the whole cost of canning Roe 8.
    Face common sense, save the money already invested, get the GST back already committed to Roe 8 and build the link.
    As it seems clear they have no funds for the outer harbour and the trains if the plans work out, are at least 4-5 yrs away.

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