LETTERS 22.4.17


Why we want Roe back

RECENTLY South Fremantle resident Andrew Luobikis started an online petition to get Roe 8 back on the books, despite premier Mark McGowan reiterating that the project was now dead. Within a day or two he had secured thousands of signatures and comments. It’s a given that you always hear more from protesters than supporters of projects, so now the shoe’s on the other foot, the Chook thought it would be interesting to show why people think the highway is so important. The comments didn’t give addresses, merely post codes.

I HAVE to drive on Leach Highway all the time taking my husband to Freo hospital from Willetton. I do not feel safe when hemmed in by huge truck. I have seen them make dangerous lane changes and drive through red lights…. they need to be separated from normal Mums and Dads traffic.
Judy Heath, 6155

I’M signing because we need to think about our future! We are becoming bigger and bigger every year and the traffic congestion is getting worse!
Eric Zwick, 6112

AS an oversize truck driver roe 8 will mean i can cross Kwinana free way with out needing to go down residential streets and school zones.
Nicholas Clark, 6163

WE don’t get our fair share of the GST from the federal government, so when they’ve already paid for half of this job creating project that improves on road safety and state transport for the progress of WA., I believe we should make the most of it. Not to mention that it’ll cost almost as much to stop the project, as it would to build it. In western Australia’s current job crisis, wouldn’t every infrastructure project count?
Greg Davey, 6065

THE damage to the wetland was very minimal and has already been done. As a civil engineer working closely with the state government to reliever various roading projects I know first hand the congestion issues that Perth faces and the problems these cause.
Jacob Scully 6052

THIS road is needed badly to access Fremantle Port. No matter what lies, mistruths and distortions are out there, Fremantle will remain a major port long into the future.
Brian Pettit, 6112

THIS needs to be done I know the greenies love there land but at one stage the whole state was all swamp ! WAs traffic is rubbish ! Something needs to be done.
Joseph Gia, 6061

I WANT reduced travel times in and out of my area. And because cancelled contracts are an irresponsible way to do business and can only drive the price up for future projects under this government.
Justin Chaf, 6164

TO get the big trucks off Leach Highway and to stop the congestion on Kwinana Freeway. I travelled on the freeway from the on ramp at Mortimer Road at 3pm yesterday. It was a Sunday and the congestion was ridiculous. It was not until I passed the Roe Highway on ramp that the traffic thinned out and I was able to travel at normal speed. At times we were at a standstill. On a Sunday!
Vinci Coventry, 6156

I’M signing this because I see first hand all the trucks causing havoc on Leach Hwy. we need this road to go ahead.
Peter Harris, 6153

PERTH needs to continue moving forward. I’ve almost been hit by trucks on leach highway on numerous occasions because they are rushed due to the traffic conditions. Roe 8 would save lives and on these highways and allow transport to continue in a more effective way.
Sarah Buswell, 6164

I VOTED labour but still want roe 8.
Steve Hall, 6230

I’M concerned about my children’s safety at the Gibson Park netball courts by traffic on High Street. I am also concerned by already long travel times from Fremantle to the freeway that will increase as traffic increases. I see the truck/PFL/toll as moot points due to the necessity for improved traffic flow in the southern suburbs. It’s not all about trucks, its about people who live in Fremantle who deserve better traffic flow to the freeway and there has been no alternative solutions offered (would be happy to consider these such as tunnelling under Leach Highway from the freeway to Fremantle). I am concerned about the no campaign which does not consider co-existence with native flora and fauna which can be achieved through urban greening and road design.
Dylan Jones, 6163

THE road systems around my area are now clogged up with through traffic. not fair , that Farrington road residents have to put up with this.
Lindsay Roy, 6149

THE trucks that contest the roads around our suburb and home are dangerous and it’s only a matter of time before someone is killed in an accident. I don’t want this to happen to anyone, build roe 8, divert the trucks, make the roads safer.
Rebecca Wall, 6164

BECAUSE I believe we need to progress and move forward! My only complaint is I feel the wildlife and animals need to be relocated correctly! Which I don’t think happened in the clearing! But I think we definitely need Roe 8. I feel it will be an amazing asset when completed.
Renae Macarlino, 6150

5 responses to “LETTERS 22.4.17

  1. Well said, I heard a radio chat with CEO of Infrastructure Australia has stated that the PFL will remain on the national high priority list.
    IA is looking at the bigger picture and sees this project as necessary on several fronts for the integrated road network in the Perth metro area.
    He also sees that the outer harbour will be a project of the future
    But one didn’t solve all the issues but both were part of the big picture
    Sadly it looks like Perth will be waiting another political cycle before some practical needed projects are restarted

  2. What a load of poorly thought-out, poorly written rubbish. Here’s a thought: if you’re not capable of driving on the same road as trucks then you have no business driving at all!
    Building new roads doesn’t solve traffic problems. Only one thing solves traffic problems: getting people out of cars.

    • I fail to see what impact a small strip of bitumen can do to the environment.
      Fremantle and surrounds keep growing but the road network does not. I would like to ask all people that oppose Roe 8 to come forward and offer a better solution to the problem that has not gone away. If they can , and its not just utopian , then let the people that want Roe 8 humbly kneel and apologise, but if they cant, then they can go jump in the lake for a swim with their frogs and snakes.
      I bet the people that opposed Roe 8 drive on other roads next to houses, lakes, swan river without a second thought to the people and wildlife that inhabit these areas. Its only their little patch that interests them.
      Stopping Roe 8 is not a victory. Its only a victory for any politician or political party that could use this pretext to gain advantage.
      We are the real loosers, as we foot a bill of over $100,000.000 and we still have to stop at countless traffic lights to get to the freeway or Roe/Tonkin.
      Roe 8 may have stopped, but prepare for worse as the problem is still there.
      The wisest thing would be to finish what was started now that a lot of money has been spent.

      I wonder, how many of the ones that oppose it have actually taken a walk through that area recently. In 30 years living in this area, not once have I taken a walk through there. I have at Bibra lake as there are facilities to do it.
      Why dont the people that want to live in the bush not go and live in the bush?
      Why do they want to stop progress that will benedi the majority I ask myself.

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