Planning scheme update

COCKBURN council is poised to undertake the mammoth task of updating its planning scheme and a strategy to guide it.

The council was due to vote this week on a plan to review the scheme, which sets zones to control where to build houses, business and industry and what to leave alone for green space.

A report to the council says the review will seek to continue the revitalisation of older urban areas to cater for population growth.

It will also balance high density living with open and social spaces.

The council will hold community information sessions and pump out some information sheets and frequently asked questions to keep residents informed about what’s going on.

Andrew Trosic, Cockburn’s manager of strategic planning, says the council will be walking the fine line between increasing density and easing traffic congestion.

Future growth

“There are a number of important issues that will shape how our community deals with its future growth,” Mr Trosic said.

“Community involvement in the development of the new scheme, and its strategic component called the local planning strategy, will consider important growth challenges for us to achieve, including;

• how development can support improved public transport provision and walking and cycling;

• how we ensure protection and rejuvenation of the natural environment;

• how we can ensure there is a continued supply of land available for residential development that addresses the needs of our diverse community and households;

• how we can plan for the continued growth and investment in our town centres, which supports local economic development and employment;

• how we can provide for mixed uses within our residential areas, that encourages more activity during the day; and,

• how we can assist our community in respect of housing affordability.”

Council officers reckon even without the usual delays, the scheme is unlikely to be approved before the second half of 2018.

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