Pole duncing

• Andrew Luobikis wonders why his wonky pole isn’t being replaced. Photo by Steve Grant.

LOOKING up and down a street of proud new power poles, Beaconsfield resident Andrew Luobikis wonders why the wonky one outside his home isn’t being replaced.

Western Power is currently working through Fremantle replacing 200 old power poles and 15 kilometres of overhead power lines.

But Mr Luobikis says his pole has a distinctive lean and termite damage, and needs replacing.

“What happened was that a couple of years ago I was talking to a neighbour and I leaned against the pole, and it started falling over,” Mr Luobikis said.

Western Power hammered metal supports into the ground, poured in some concrete and poisoned the termites.

But Mr Luobikis says it was still the worst pole in the street.

He rang Western Power this week and was told it was listed on a database as being on another street. He reckons that glitch means it was left off the schedule of works, while workers haven’t had the nous to ring head office.

“It’s bureaucracy gone mad,” Mr Luobikos said.

“With the traffic controllers, it must be costing them tens of thousands of dollars a day to be doing this work, but they’ll have to come back here in a year to replace just this pole.

“That’s madness.”


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