Society merger

THE Fremantle Society and the Fremantle Resident and Ratepayers’ Association have embarked on a long-mooted merger.

The two organisations have been collaborating for some time over issues such as the redevelopment of Kings Square and have been vocal critics of the current council.

They went as far as considering running candidates, with the Fremantle Inner City Residents’ Association, at the last council election, but the plan never came to fruition.


In a joint release, the two organisations says they are concerned about the erosion of ratepayer assets in Fremantle and council decisions that have “damaged the quality of Fremantle as an internationally known heritage destinations”.

“Since 2014, the agendas of these two community groups has been similar, and they have supported each other, working tirelessly to represent the community by commissioning reports, making submissions, holding public meetings and engaging stakeholders.”

An email to FRRA members says that economics played a part in the decision to merge, as was the decision of chair Claudia Green to resign so she can run for the city ward in this October’s council elections.

Members who don’t want to join the society can opt for a $10 refund instead.

Ms Green said the new body will be known as the Fremantle Society in recognition of that organisation’s long history.

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