Melville looks at caretaker period

MELVILLE council is looking at mandating a “caretaker” period to limit decision-making during elections.

The proposed caretaker period, if approved, would limit any major decisions that effect the new incoming council, and could be in place prior to the upcoming October election.

The policy is also designed to clamp down on pork barrelling, preventing last-minute projects that can bolster a sitting member’s election campaign.

If approved, the “caretaker” limitations would be in place for almost 40 days, implemented from the closing date for election nominations.

The push has come from the Department of Local Government and Communities, which wants all councils to have caretaker periods.

“The period before an election may be subject to close scrutiny by the community and it is suggested that the council and the city’s administration acknowledge this through the implementation of a caretaker period that would commence from the close of candidate nominations,” a staff report said.

The policy would also lay out the CEO’s role during the election period.


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