Bin there

MELVILLE council copped flak this week after adopting fines for residents who don’t sort their rubbish properly, but the council is a softy compared to WALGA.

Melville based its Waste Local Law on the peak council association’s template, but while it’s planning to ping recidivist bin-bumblers $200, WALGA reckons it’s worth a $350 clip behind the ears.

The council plans for the fines to be enforced by the time it introduces its three-bin system in October.

Mayor Russell Aubrey told 6PR this week the fines weren’t meant to raise revenue, but would only be issued to repeat offenders in an effort to change their behaviour.

“The cost of contaminating those waste streams is very considerable at the end of the day and people who take advantage of doing that just for convenience because they don’t know the rules are continue to act in contravention of quite simple arrangements,” Mr Aubrey said.

“They need to have the prospect of a fine hanging over them.”

Mr Aubrey said the council may employ someone to police the bins and tag any that were contaminated.

Melville’s not the first to introduce bin fines, with Gosnells and Wanneroo councils adopting their local laws last year. The former sided with Melville in hovering around the $200 mark for fines, while the latter was a bit more forgiving around $100.


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