Freo parking u-turn

FREMANTLE council has done a u-turn over its plans to push residential parkers off CBD streets and into car parks.

Following an “overwhelming” backlash against proposed changes to free parking permits, the council on Wednesday decided to leave locals parking on the street between 3pm and 11am. In order to simplify the system, the free parking will now be extended to weekends as well.

Mayor Brad Pettitt says residents came up with a number of issues the council hadn’t considered, such as the impact on parents whose kids go to Lance Holt, or CBD residents who don’t have a parking space and use the streets after hours.

Dr Pettitt says the council will also look at extending the freebies to its car parks, but that’ll have to be modelled to make sure it’s affordable. Sirona Capital confirmed to the Herald last week it won’t be honouring free council permits now it’s taken over Queensgate car park.

Dr Pettitt says there’s not huge demand for parking outside the prescribed hours, so locals are unlikely to push out potential customers, but it’s a bit busier on Saturday afternoons so that’ll have to be monitored.

One response to “ Freo parking u-turn

  1. Must be an election looming???

    Shortly afterwards, if they manage to hold on this will just be pushed through,

    Amazing how our Councillors didn’t consider families with children at school
    Showing just how out of touch they really are

    I guess the few photo ops of a Councillor with a child, were just PR

    Poor Fremantle needs rescuing

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