Ellen Health – Telstra Western Australian Small Business Award Finalist
Ellen Health was named as one of the Top 6 Small Business finalists in this year’s Telstra WA Business Awards. With over 5000 entries in the small business section, it’s an impressive achievement. A cornerstone of the Fremantle community, Ellen Health provides medical and allied health services that strive to go beyond those offered by competitors. The accolade is recognition of Ellen Health’s dedication to serving the local neighbourhood, as Director Helen Moonen said:
“Our goals are excellence in services, a profitable business with a strong moral social conscience, and providing more than your typical general practice, which we have achieved by offering specialised health services most practices do not provide.”
With an ethos centred on helping patients
achieve optimal health, rather than simply treating illnesses, the Ellen Health team provides a diverse range of services promoting holistic wellbeing. To better serve the community, it offers a 7-day general practice, extended opening hours and 30 minute, in-depth consultations. Loss counselling and transgender support is also available.
The practice also offers a specialised occupational health service to corporate clients including mining, aviation, driving, diving, Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) medicals and offshore medicals for both the UK and Norway.

Ellen Health
Phone 9239 0200
1/91 Hampton Road Fremantle 
(cnr Wray Ave & Hampton Rd)

Health is Wealth
Your health is your most important asset, and like any asset, it needs to be maintained. Unfortunately, most people wait until there’s a problem before they seek assistance for their health. In fact, the World Health Organisation estimates that 80% of premature heart disease, stroke and diabetes can be prevented!
Allied health professionals can educate and empower you to make positive everyday changes for your health, as well as provide individualised plans to keep you on track. That’s why Black Swan Health provides award-winning preventative and treatment-oriented healthcare services from an integrated team of professionals.
Black Swan Health’s Fremantle location specialises in high-quality, affordable counselling and diabetes services. Whether you have a clinical condition or want to achieve your health goals with the help of an expert, Black Swan Health can help.
Contact Black Swan Health to protect your greatest asset and live life to the fullest.
Black Swan Health
Phone 9201 0044

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