Don’t banksia on it yet

A PROPOSED Hammond Park development is likely to be referred to the Federal government after a flora survey identified a threatened type of bushland.

Broad Vision Projects, which is registered at a Floreat Address linked to Colliers International valuations director John Del Dosso, has applied to Cockburn council to develop part of a four-hectare property off Gaebler Road and has submitted a structure plan for consideration.

Constraining the plan is that there’s a contested “dampland” to the rear, while the survey identified the site as containing a threatened banksia woodland, which means it gets kicked up to the feds.

BVP is hedging its bets over the wetland, holding off on including it in the structure plan until legal action over its classification is sorted in the Supreme Court.

The owners of an adjacent site, investment trust Fobbing Hall and Beauchamp Nominees, have challenged the Department of Parks and Wildlife’s classification of the area as a wetland deserving conservation.

If they’re successful, BVP will be able to extend its development across the site.

The structure plan has been criticised by some neighbours as overly dense for the area, adding too many cars to a road that gets congested because of a nearby primary school. It’d be zoned R60, while it’s surrounded by neighbourhoods ranging from R20 to R40.

The structure plan came before Cockburn council this week.

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