TAFE commitment

TAFE has committed to upgrading its training restaurant in Beaconsfield and expanding its facilities in Fremantle’s CBD.

Fremantle mayor Brad Pettitt and ward councillor Hannah Fitzhardinge met with South Metropolitan TAFE managing director Terry Durant last week, and after some to-and-fro of what was agreed, Cr Fitzhardinge says they’re pleased with the outcome.

The tech college has been slated to move to Murdoch for more than 10 years, and with the move looming the council has been under pressure from mayoral candidate Ra Stewart to try and wrest it back.

But Cr Fitzhardinge says given the already lengthy planning process, the current concessions are a good win for the council.

• Cafe owners Kenny Austin and Hana Jestribek and Fremantle councillor Hannah Fitzhardinge. Photo by Steve Grant

“We’re pleased with the ongoing commitment of the TAFE to maintain a presence in Fremantle,” she said.

“From 2018 a number of TAFE courses which were previously delivered at Beaconsfield will be offered from the central Fremantle campus in Fleet Street, which is building up its training capability.”

Cr Fitzhardinge said she was relieved TAFE had committed to moving the Gaining Access to Training and Employment program across, as it’s aimed at keeping youngsters off struggle street by helping them get into further training or work. She says a lot of participants come from Fremantle and if it moved to Murdoch there were fears it would end up being axed.

“As well as continuing to offer marine studies and aquaculture courses, this campus is beginning to work in close partnership with the defence industry to expand their programs,” Cr Fitzhardinge said about the Fleet Street campus.

“The community will be pleased to know there is a long-term commitment to retaining TAFE education in Fremantle.”

Kenny Austin and Hana Jestribek have recently set up Little Hawk Freo cafe on Strang Street in Beaconsfield and say they’re relieved TAFE will keep the Quinlan’s training restaurant.

An industry veteran, Mr Austin says he’s worked with TAFE graduates before and believes they help to strengthen the industry.

He says Freo people often take for granted how important the hospitality industry is to the city.


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