Cliffs cleanup

YOU’RE not going to get Acapulco’s tanned heroes making death-defying plunges into the water, but Mark Layton reckons Henderson’s cliffs are pretty special in their own right.

Sandwiched between the Australian Marine Complex and the Naval Base shacks, Mr Layton says the cliffs (an ankle-twisting three or four metres high rather than Acapulco’s spine-crunching 135 metres) are one of Cockburn’s hidden gems.

He’s been fishing and snorkelling there with his family for the last five years and says most times there’s no one else about.

“I’ve swum with pods of dolphins, a greenback turtle which was pretty special, and huge schools of stingrays, there’s lots of fish – thankfully no sharks, though,” the cleaning contractor smiled.

Only one thing bugs him about his coastal hideaway – the rubbish.

• Mark Layton and his kids Patrick (4), Alicia (6) and Olivia (8) will be cleaning up Henderson’s cliffs this weekend. Photo by Steve Grant

“When I was first coming here I would find a bit of rubbish and put in a bag and take it home to the bin, and I’d park the cars here and there was glass everywhere – mostly beer bottles.

“I started to pick a bit up because I didn’t want to get a flat tyre, then I started going ‘a bit more, a bit more’.”

He roped his young family into what was turning into a bit of an obsession; one bag of rubbish each visit turned into two, then three.

He’s holding a cleanup today, Saturday August 26 from 9am to midday as part of Keep Australia Beautiful week. He’ll be providing bags and gloves, but urges participants to bring sturdy shoes and long pants.

For more info give him a call on 0415 123 983.

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