Melville backs Jan 26

MELVILLE council won’t be following Fremantle, Yarra and Darebin councils in ditching Australia Day festivities; in fact it’s writing to prime minister Malcolm Turnbull urging him to leave the day as it is.

At last week’s council meeting, Bull Creek/Leeming warder and Liberal Party member Matthew Woodall put forward a motion committing the council to opposing a National General Assembly of Local Government vote to lobby the federal government to change the date.

“I believe the role of local government is to support the current date of Australia Day,” Cr Woodall said.

“Any decision regarding the date of our national day is the responsibility of the federal government alone, without interference from politically motivated activist councils.

“It is a time to welcome new citizens, remember those who have been of service to Australia, and celebrate the many different communities and cultures that make up 21st century Australia.”

Apart from deputy mayor Rebecca Aubrey and councillor Tim Barling, the remaining councillors backed his motion.

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