LETTERS 26.8.16

Poo to people
THEY couldn’t get the drinking water right at the children hospital, how could you possibly trust them to feed us sewerage water? What’s next, our food grown in sewage? No thanks.
Drinking sewage water is a classic sign of gross overpopulation. If we weren’t so overpopulated we wouldn’t need to even think of drinking sewage water.
Which reminds me; have we finally got that safe drinking water Act in place at last?
Obviously not. Just because the rest of the grossly overpopulated world drinks its own sewage water doesn’t mean we have to.
Surely Australia is much smarter than that. It could all be avoided with a simple sustainable human population limit policy.
Brad Capes
Prospero Cres,Coolbellup

Makes us vulnerable
I would like to respond to Wilyman and Zuidwind (Letters, Fremantle Herald, August 19) who commented on measles and vaccination. This is an important issue for Fremantle which has a vaccine uptake below national average.
This makes our community vulnerable to outbreaks of disease.
I have no links with interested campaign groups or pharmaceutical companies. Wilyman states that a ‘significant risk of autism …. is plausibly linked to the MMR vaccine’. She cites a film ‘Vaxxed: From cover-up to catastrophe’ in support. The film highlights the views of several scientists and doctors.
The curriculum vitae of the cast is concerning. Two have had research retracted from scientific journals due to concerns over validity. In particular Andrew Wakefield has been disbarred from medical practice in the UK for fraudulent research purporting to link autism to vaccination by the General Medical Council.
Entitled as the supporters of this film are to their opinions they in no way reflect the broad international scientific consensus that finds no link between MMR vaccination and autism.
Readers can review a crystal clear english summary of the science behind this statement by accessing the Cochrane database, a highly respected source of independent scientific and medical information, at http://www.cochrane.org. Zuidwind looks back to a sylvan past when ‘healthy Australians’ were free to contract measles as a ‘rite of passage’. The Centre for Disease Control in America provides high quality data on the impact of Measles. Infection results in death in 1-2 per thousand cases. The proven side effects of the MMR vaccine are of lesser significance and occur at a much lower rate. Viewing this data international medical and government advice is to support vaccination campaigns using MMR. Vaccination against measles is a selfless act by which we in Fremantle can support our own communities health and that of wider humanity. Let us together eliminate Measles from the world.
Harvey Smith
Hampton Road, Fremantle

Whose foreshore, for sure?
RE the advertisements placed by the Alfred Cove Action Group (ACAG) in the Melville Times and Fremantle Herald over the past couple of weeks.
I cannot help but note the language and possessive tone that has been used in the advertisements. Some excerpts include: “Protect OUR environment & open space,” “Protect OUR foreshore and public open space,” “Please donate to OUR Campaign”.
These quotes reveal that this group of residents feels some form of personal entitlement to this area of land.
Tompkins Park is a large sports hub, zoned specifically for sport and recreation, and it must be shared!
There is more than enough room for the wave park to co-exist with the existing sports, and there is plenty of other passive open space in the local area for the community to use for dog walking and bird watching and the like (Attadale Reserve and Wireless Hill at 185 acres in area and within one kilometre of Tompkins Park are but two).
It’s clear from their name, that the Alfred Cove Action Group residents have their own self interests at heart, and are not willing to consider what is in the best interests of the Melville community overall (as the Melville council is required to do).
It is not yours ACAG, it is a space for everyone!
Tammy Kuzich
Joiner Street, Melville

Read up and you’ll see vaxxing is ok
AS the Minister for Child Protection, I felt compelled to write in response to some of your readers’ comments on vaccination (“Waldorf story backlash” and “Measles truth”, Herald, August 19, 2017).
Just as we demand that science is at the centre of our response to climate change, so should it be in deciding health choices for our children and in setting public health policy.
I urge parents to inform themselves on the evidence available and have your children fully immunised.
It will not only protect them, it will protect other people’s loved ones.
Simone McGurk
Minister for Child Protection
State Member for Fremantle

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