40 is the new 50

WRAY AVENUE stalwarts Galati and Sons has welcomed a new 40 kmh speed limit along the bustling precinct.

After 16 months of lobbying, Fremantle council was recently given the green light by Main Roads to reduce the speed limit along the avenue.

Part-owner of the grocers, Salvatore Galati, said they thought carefully about the proposal before giving their blessing.

“We have to have careful consideration for what goes on Wray Avenue to help boost what is here, and I think the speed humps and 40 kmh limit is a good start to this,” Mr Galati said.

• Fremantle mayor Brad Pettitt celebrates the 40 kmh win on Wray Avenue with local grocers Salvatore and Santo Galati and butcher Frank Carbone. Photo by Steve Grant

Mayor Brad Pettitt says Wray Ave is an “iconic neighbourhood centre” but quite narrow, and with buses barrelling up there and shoppers pulling out, the council wanted to make sure it was safe.”

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