Kids festival turns 21

AN international arts festival for kids will return to Perth this weekend with an amazing line-up of shows and events.

Awesome, now in its 21st year, includes loads of interactive performances, like Touch and Go, which promises to be choreographed fun (and probably mayhem) for two to three year old’s.

“It’s big energy…We absolutely love it,” Sally Chance Dance owner Sally Chance says.

“Inviting them to enter a playful world of shapes and pathways, stepping stones and lines.”

Two “very friendly” dancers, a musician and Chance create a quirky, simple, and interactive world, with a heap of masking tape.

• The Lollipop Ladies will be performing at Awesome 2017.

“If parents want a show that doesn’t involve plastic and annoying tunes this is for them,” Chance says.

Touch and Go is at the State Theatre rehearsal room, Saturday September 30 to October 4.

For the first time Awesome will hold events at the Cultural Centre and University of WA theatres, featuring some of the best in children’s arts from around the world.

Barking Gecko will present the award-winning Bambert’s Book of Lost Stories at the Octagon, while Slapdash Galaxy is on at the Dolphin Theatre.

The shadow puppet wizardry is a zany mix of characters created from old boxes, bubble wrap, drinking straws and ping pong balls.

• A scene from Polar Bears Go Up.

Let the kids stretch their imagination and create, perform and film their own special effects scene in Green Screen Fantasy Workshops with Filmbites Screen Academy.

Or take a 20-minute interactive tour of the solar system with the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research.

Over at the State Theatre a couple of polar bears try to find their lost balloon in Polar Bears Go Up, a non-verbal performance from Scotland.

Every kids’ favourite author Dame Lynley Dodd is back with her new book The Life and Times of Scarface Claw, the toughest tomcat in town.

Or get your belly laughs with local comedy legends Sam Longley, Sean Walsh and Damon Lockwood’s, Masters of Hooey.

Go to to get the full line-up.


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