Young deterred

DESPITE being some of the most regular users of WA’s beaches, youngsters haven’t shown much interest in shark deterrent rebates, which has Greens MLC Diane Evers mystified.

“I would like to know more about why teenagers and young adults, who generally have a high level of participation in ocean sports, aren’t applying in greater numbers for the $200 rebate,” Ms Evers said.

The Greens’ marine spokesperson said one reason could be that the rebate only applies to one product, which has generally been marketed for use by divers, spear fishers and kayakers, but not surfers. It could also be too expensive.

Having trawled through a few surfing Facebook pages, the Chook couldn’t help wonder whether a few grommets were hanging out for another shark cull; there was a surprisingly high level of support for taking out a swag of great whites.

• Greens MLC Diane Evers at Bathers Beach.

Ms Evers said she’d like to look at low-cost hire or borrow systems if youngsters had been deterred by the price.

“No product can guarantee 100 per cent protection, but using a tested personal shark deterrent is one step that will significantly reduce the chance of a dangerous shark interaction.”

Ms Evers said if any youngsters could shed a light on their reluctance, they should contact her office on 9486 8070 or email

Intriguingly, stats show that the postcode with the highest uptake of rebates was 6125, which at its closest is about 10 kilometres from the sea.

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