Cake Heaven

FLUORO-vested tradies and Mosman Park ladies formed an incongruous conga line outside Bittersweet Bake at 11am on a Monday.

The cafe’s sheer popularity was causing a traffic jam, and once  inside I could see why.

As colourful as a spring garden, the gorgeously decorated cakes, tarts and slices were borderline art, and the savoury baguettes ($10) had me promptly ordering one for lunch.

The crunchy bread is made in-house and was stuffed with a fantastically tangy cheese, baked baby tomatoes and basil, with a sprinkling of herbs that transcended a mere cheese and tomato roll.

But Bittersweet is really about the cakes, and the display was a visual orgasm that made me want to devour them all.

So I took a load back to the office and asked my colleagues for their thoughts.

Normally slow to respond, their glowing comments came in thick and fast.

“A decadent slice of creamy coconut heaven with a slight zing of what tasted like lemon,” is how receptionist Vicky decsribed her first cake.

It was followed by a fruit and custard tart: “The raspberries…tasted like they were freshly picked this morning and the custard itself was so smooth…a perfect balance of sweetness.”

Accounts gal Daisy concurred: “A perfectly baked chocolate coated base, with delicious custard and fresh fruit. Not too sweet, but just sweet enough.”

Her abacus minion, Lindsay, had the brownie.

“Which was delicious and moist, with a perfect amount of hazelnut to not be too overpowering,” he said.

Journalist David Bell had a slice of a lime tart and a chocolate one.

“The limey flavour, with the pudding texture nicely offset the chewy dried raspberry flakes and pistachio nut. Five stars,” he said.

A French-trained pastry chef, Erin Browne opened Bittersweet four years ago.

Her cakes have been such a hit she’s had to employ more staff, with five in the tiny shop when the Herald dropped in.

Friendly staff, seasonal produce and free range eggs and meats— along with using only locally sourced food—is the key to her success, she says.


Bittersweet Bake
130 Wellington Street, Mosman Park

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