Gone with the wind

COCKBURN council was poised to knock back a local charity’s plans to run a drive-in cinema and markets in Cockburn Central this week.

This is despite the council’s own website bragging that the town centre is “one of Perth’s biggest and most vibrant activity centres”.

Assisting Your Life to Achieve wants to run the temporary drive-in, market days and a car wash on a vacant lot near the train station. It has the backing of the owner, Frasers Property Australia, whose approval for an 87-apartment development on the site recently lapsed.

But 18 locals have objected, saying market days aren’t orderly and proper planning and will suck shoppers away from Gateway, while the drive-in will be dusty and noisy.

Sticking point

Technically AYLA could get an exemption to breach the permissible noise limits, but council staff say that would need more support in the community.

Another sticking point is that the fledgling charity doesn’t want to fork out on technical reports if its proposal isn’t a goer, but the council reckons without those it’s too hard to make an assessment.

“Whilst there is a definition in [the city’s town planning scheme] for a cinema/theatre, it is not considered this incorporates a drive-in cinema,” the council report says, saying being outside’s a different kettle of fish.

“A drive-in cinema … is purely vehicle based, encouraging more vehicles into the town centre (not pedestrians), does not cater to existing town centre residents and will not encourage people to leave their car to patronise and activate the rest of the town centre.”


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