Jetty knockback

COCKBURN council is poised to knock back an opportunity to have the ruins of Robb Jetty included on the state’s heritage register.

The Heritage Council of WA recently approached the council about adding the ruins of the jetty to the existing listing of the Robb Jetty Chimney as the two are inter-related.

But a staff report to this week’s council meeting says the 280 metres of poles sticking out into the ocean off CY O’Connor beach are in too poor condition to warrant a listing.

“The condition and integrity of Robb Jetty is very low because of its ruinous state, and this renders the level of cultural heritage significance to a similarly low level,” the report read.

• There’s not much to see of the Robb Jetty ruins at high tide, so Cockburn council says it’s not worthy of state heritage listing.

It suggests a listing on the council’s own heritage inventory would be enough to do the trick for recognising the circa-1877 jetty.

But the staffer says the approach is a good opportunity to push the council’s own barrow when it comes to listing the nearby Magazine Jetty at Woodman Point.

That was considered by the heritage council in 2014, but deferred pending a report into whether it was worth expanding the listing for the nearby munitions magazines to include the jetty.

However, that report was never prepared and Cockburn reckons the current interest in the area might re-energise the issue and lead to the recognition of the jetty’s role in the state’s explosives industry from the Goldrush through to World War II.


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