Dad jokes

SIMON Taylor took his dad to see the new Star Wars on Monday night, flipping the family tradition that saw father take son to see the original trilogy back in the day.

Now all grown-up and a major player in the Aussie comedy scene, Taylor wants to give something back to his dad, who talked about the importance of “being patient and not changing your values for anyone else”.

The theme of fatherhood is explored in Taylor’s latest show Happy Times, where he takes a poignant look at the period when he learned he would become a dad, only to find out he may not be the father, to then thinking it might be him after all.

“It’s a new show for me,” Taylor says.

“Very emotional, but packed full of jokes”.

The Melbourne comic is looking forward to playing the Fringe World Festival in Perth for the fourth year.

Happy Times is on at the fringe from February 4-9.


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